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Sansui Junmai Ginjo brew

Sansui Junmai Ginjo brew

It uses ヒノヒカリ rice and 5 million stones produced in Oita Prefecture, and uses one of the four wonders of the world's water - Hita Tenryo water. The water is rich in natural active hydrogen and has excellent health-preserving properties.

It has become the body function water that Japanese people drink every day and has won many international awards. Hita Tianling water is slightly alkaline and super soft water with a sweet taste.

The brewed sake has a mild and plump taste. The polished rice is fermented in a low-temperature environment , and the sweet-tasting ginjo is born.
It has a rich aroma and the unique flavor of Junmai Ginjo with both sweetness and sourness. Junmai Ginjo brewed carefully using water from Hita, a water town, and rice grown in Oita Prefecture, slowly fermented at low temperatures.

Brewery name: Oomatsu Brewery Co., Ltd.
Place of Origin: ‎Oita Prefecture
Raw rice: Yamada Nishiki, Oita Prefecture (Hita City)
Rice polishing steps: 55%
Alcohol content: 15%

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