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Nanione Sake Brewing Brewing Co., Ltd. "Ginger & Yuzu"

Nanione Sake Brewing Brewing Co., Ltd. "Ginger & Yuzu"

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Message from the sake brewery: A liqueur made from "ginger juice" that is carefully boiled and blended in one pot to obtain only 5 small bottles, with the rich sour taste of "yuzu". So much time and effort goes into it that this is a quantity only available at the reservation-only brewery. Add ice cubes or soda water in the summer and enjoy the exquisite kick and refreshing taste in the hot winter months.

Origin: ‎Shiga Prefecture Ingredients: Sake, yuzu juice, sake, ginger syrup, fructose Alcohol content: 8%
Capacity: 720ml


Namion Sake Brewery Premium Ginger 《Ginger & Yuzu》
Message from Sake Brewery: A liqueur made by carefully boiling ginger and blending "ginger syrup", which can only be obtained in 5 small bottles from one pot, with the rich sourness of "Kabosu". It took too much time and effort, so it was an amount that could only be served at a reservation-only brewery, which is only open for a few months at Naminooto Sake Brewery. The exquisite stimulation and refreshing taste can be enjoyed on the rocks or soda in the summer, or hot in the winter.

Origin: Shiga Prefecture
Ingredients: Sake, kabosu juice, distilled alcohol, ginger syrup, fructose
Alcohol: 8%
Size: 720ml
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