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Hanazha plum wine

Hanazha plum wine

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It is brewed using green plums grown in Nara Prefecture, homemade shochu, and local genshu. It is a type of plum wine that cannot be mass-produced.
"Hanafuda" is a traditional Japanese card game. The cards are composed of plants and animals, such as plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, peonies, orioles, etc. This series of Hanafashi plum wine produced by Yagi Shuzo is designed based on the patterns on Hanafada playing cards. The pattern on Hanafada plum wine is the pattern on the "ume" playing card.

Sake name: Yagi Shuzo Origin: Nara Prefecture Ingredients: Nishiyoshino green plum, Yakishu Class B, sugar Alcohol content: 12%
Capacity: 720ml


Hanafuda plum wine
Used Nara prefecture unripe plums, home-made shochu, local water brewing, and mass-produced plum wine types.
"Hanafuda" is a type of Japanese traditional paper card game, with plant and animal composition, such as plum blossom, cherry blossom, peonies, yellow warblers, etc. Yagi Sake Brewery's Hanafuda Plum Liquor, which is based on the Hanafuda cardboard design. The Hanafuda Umeshu map is the “Plum” paper map.

Sake Brewery: Yagi Sake Brewery
Origin: ‎Nara Prefecture
Raw materials: Nishiyoshino green plum, shochu Otsu, sugar
Alcohol: 12%
Size: 720ml
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