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Oh Splash Sparkling Sake

Oh Splash Sparkling Sake

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Oh Splash is a junmai sake fermented twice in the bottle. It has delicate and refreshing bubbles, which is fresh and refreshing. It has the sweet and sour taste of cheese and fruit, and has the aroma of slightly steamed rice. The aftertaste is slightly sweet, and the rich layering is impressive . The recommended drinking temperature is cold drink, the refreshing feeling will be more prominent! Perfect as a pre-dinner drink or during a casual chat.

In the 2020 "Concours Mondial des Vins FEMINALISE" World Wine Competition held in Paris, France, where all judges are led by women, Oh Splash won the gold medal in the "Sparkling Wine Division"!

Brewery name: Okayama Prefecture ( Kamishin Brewery)
Alcohol content: 5.5%
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