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Smiling penguin and panda bottle milk bottle

Smiling penguin and panda bottle milk bottle

Country of production: Japan Material/composition: Glass Packaging: One pair of boxes Cup capacity: 14 x 5.8 cm Volume: 200 ml


Product desciption

Pour the cold milk into the Smiling Penguin Pen and Panda Bottle to complete the pattern! Both Pen-Pen and Panda are white at first, but when you pour the drink into the bottle, you'll be amazed! This is a miracle! White design turns black! (Changes occur when the glass temperature drops below 17°C.) Strawberry milk turns into a pink animal! Coffee turns into a brown animal! Green tea is a green animal! Enjoy colorful pens and pandas just like changing clothes! Even kids who don't like milk might enjoy drinking it! Recommended as an item that can brighten up a dining place. Straws and plates are not included in the set. packed in a special box

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