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Chanran (さんぜん) Junmai Ginjo Asahi

Chanran (さんぜん) Junmai Ginjo Asahi

Product Introduction This Japanese sake is brewed from Okayama's specialty rice "Asahi", which is derived from several famous rice varieties. This sake has a mild flavor and a clean finish. This sake can be enjoyed chilled.

Raw rice: Asahi polished rice step combination: 55%
Alcohol content: 16-17%
Capacity: 720ml

Sanzen Junmai Ginjo Asahi
This sake is brewed using a specialty rice of Okayama, “Asahi”, which has roots in several famous strains of rice. This sake has a mild taste and clean finish. This sake may be enjoyed chilled.
Raw Rice: Asahi
Rice polishing step: 55%
Alcohol: 16-17%
Size: 720ml

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