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Gonoyu Junmai Daiginjo unfiltered (fired)

Gonoyu Junmai Daiginjo unfiltered (fired)

It is a classic of the Sudo family. It has a dry, crisp and refreshing flavor.

A perfectly balanced all-purpose wine that pairs easily with Japanese, Western, Chinese, meat and fish. You can enjoy a variety of cuisine from seafood to meat.

The first sake brewery in Japan to provide raw sake. Sudo Motoya believes that the key to determining whether the sake is delicious is the use of submersible water. The brewery has a history of more than 850 years and is the oldest sake manufacturer in Japan. As a guest of the Prime Minister's official residence, the brewery The Japanese sake used has won various important awards and has also been highly praised by critics around the world.

Capacity: 720ml
Raw rice: Kasama City's Kasama City Genuo System Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Rice polishing steps: 50%
Japanese alcohol content: +5
Acidity: 1.3
Alcohol content: 15-16%

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