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Located in Yamanashi Prefecture, Tokyo, the distillery named "Yamanashi", a Sydney barrel whiskey named after the place, and launched it in the Japanese market in 2018. The production style is similar to that of Islay, with emphasis on sea breeze. The slightly fruity taste subtly covers the slightly sweet body, fully demonstrating the novel and deep taste characteristics of "Yamanashi" whiskey.

The Yamanashi whiskey was developed under the leadership of the famous Japanese distiller Master Yuki Tamura. In order to maintain the strong characteristics of Yamanashi, Master Yuki Tamura only used the distillation three times and reassembled it in order to minimize the impact of the barrel on the wine. It can be called the defender of the original flavor of Japanese whiskey.

Alcohol concentration: 40%
Capacity: 700ml
Origin: Japan
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